Worst 100 Sitcom Catchphrases

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100 April Fools Jokes
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89 Moments to get a Boner
88 Moments to Laugh
87 Money Making Schemes
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84 Non-Sexual Things To Do With No Pants On
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82 Overused Star Trek Episode Plots
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28 Ways to Fight a Lemur
27 Ways to Fight a Man
26 Ways to Fight a Penguin
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24 Ways to Fight a Platypus
23 Ways to Fight a Queen
22 Ways to Fight a Snake
21 Ways to Fight a Turtle
20 Ways to Fight a Vampire
19 Ways to Fight a Werewolf
18 Ways to Fight an African Elephant
17 Ways to Fight an Alligator
16 Ways to Fight an Asian Elephant
15 Ways to Fight an Iguana
14 Ways to Fight an Ox
13 Ways to Fight an Ugly Animal
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11 Ways to Get a Girlfriend
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1 Zebras

The world of sitcoms is full of horrible catchphrases, but none as confusing and contrived as these...


100. "Girl, that's bananas!"
Audience response: Yeeeeaahhhh! Wooooooo!
from "Raise My Allowance" (1997)
99. "Oh yes I did!"
Audience response: Wooooooo! Yeeeeaahhhh!
from "Oh Yes I Did" (1987)
98. "Jesus shitballs, no!"
Audience response: OOOooooohhhh!
from "Not So Rough" (1987)
97. "Yeah, sure. ...I guess..."
Audience response: WWwooooooohhhhh!
from "Please Come Home For Dinner" (1957)
96. "Oh hellz nah!"
Audience response: AHAhahahhaha!
from "Oh Hell No" (1977)
95. "Well, DUUUHHH!"
Audience response: Woo, Woo, Woo!
from "Where's the Party?" (1987)
94. "Well, Excuuuuuuse you!"
Audience response: Yeaaaahhh! Woooo!
from "You're Excused" (1987)
93. "Yeah... But where's the butter?!"
Audience response: Ahahahahaha!
from "Guess Who's Eating?" (1997)
92. "I didn't have sex with that."
Audience response: Oooooohhhhh!
from "Bill Clinton's Variety Hour" (1997)
91.5 "Whoops, there goes my trigger finger again!"
Audience response: Ouuuuchhh!
from "Dick Cheney's Variety Hour" (2007)
91. "I don't recall, dammit!"
Audience response: Woo, Woo, Woo!
from "Alberto Gonzales Variety Hour" (2007)


90."youre woring hard to put food on your family"
Audience response: damn!
from "George W. Bush's dictatorship" (2007)
89. "Youbeiyu shanji wo relian jing. Jing'e!!"
Audience response: mmmm hao de
from "Huanxiong Shijian" (1987)
88. "No."
Audience response: Woo woo woo woo woo woo woo!
from "Oh God it hurts" (2007)
87. "You know what they say, all toasters, toast, toast!"
Audience response: No, toasters toast bread
from "Hotel Mario" (1997)
86. "That is not my job!"
Audience response: stop saying that.
from "Drake and Josh" (2007)
85. "girl puhleeeasee"
Audience response: OH NO SHE DID ENT
from "Girlfriends" (2007)
84. "We'd love to hear your thoughts on this story"
from "BBC News" (2007)
83. "Here's Viagra!"
Audience response: At least I get hard, yours just shrinks.
from "Bob Dole Variety Hour" (2007)
82. "Don't forget to do my children!"
Audience response: Lmao
from "The World's Most Fatal Executions" (1627)
81. "Holy buckets, where IS the vacuum?!?!"
Audience response: Haha, haha, haha, haha, haha, haha, haha, haha, haha, haha, haha, haha, haha, haha, haha, haha, haha
from "Weiner Brothers" (1965)


80. "Bake it!"
Audience response: Woooo!
from "Stan About Town" (1991)
79."Fuck off, Lahey"
Audience response: Yeah!
from "Trailer Park Boys " (2008)
78."Oh Death, where is thy sting?"
Audience response: Where, O Hades, thy victory?
from "1 Corinthians 15:55"
77."That ain't no cold-sore!"
Audience response: Woooo!
from "Webster" (1983)
76."You son of a bitch, fuckin cuntdork dicknigger!"
Audience response: Get 'em!
from "Teenage Macbeth" (1981)
75."Opps, looks like I'm the Model T!"
Audience response: [Laughter]
from "Ford n' Christ" (0)
74."This is The Captain Obvious Show."
Audience response: WE KNOW!
from "The Captain Obvious Show" (1989)
73."Bum, bum, bum...another one bites the dust!"
Audience response: 'Woo! Again, again!'
from "Kevorkian, Live!" (1998)
72."Holy Hemaroid Cream Datman!"
Datman response: 'Sparrow you silly goose'
from "The adventures of Datman!" (1966-1974)
71."What IS that smell!"
Audience response: 'Peeeeeeeeee Youuuuuuuu'
from "George the curious garbageman" (1958-1964)
70 1/2."Well, excuuuse me, princess!"
Audience response: 'Steve Martin said it better.'
from "The Legend of Zelda" (1989)


70."D'ooooooooooh, dildoes!"
from "[The name of this sitcom is only pronounceable by Cthulhu.]" (1337)
69."Shut the hell up or I'll cut your mic!"
Audience response: *canned audience response abruptly silenced*
from "Bill O'Reilly Variety Hour" (2001)
68."Well slap me sideways and call me a shittlebiscuit!"
Audience response: 'This isn't fucking Wayne Newton!?'
from "The Not Wayne Newton Show" (2000)
67."Oh someone just crucify me!"
Audience response: '*fail trumpet* waa waa waaaaaaaa'
from "Just Crucify Me" (33)
66."Nobody fucks with the Jesus, bitch!"
Audience response: 'What the hell it was just an innocent fig tree. This show sucks!'
from "The Greatest Sitcom Ever Made" (30)
65."To be honest, I'd rather butt-hump a teletubby..."
Audience response: 'oooOOOoohh!'
from "Jerry Fallwell's Never Stop Pimpin'" (1993)
Audience response: 'That is entropy, isn't it?'
from "Whatever you do, our universe will inevitably come to an end with Professor Brian Cox'" (MMXI)
63."...And this is where the magic happens"
Audience response: 'Filthy bourgeois pig!'
from "Cribs" (2000 - Year 1)
62."Shutup, this is my scene... I know my lines!... You're a damn troll! -hic-... tiger blood..."
Audience response: '.............................'
from "Two and a Half Men" (2011)
61."Making da whoopee!"
Audience response: 'Well that was unexpected after that discussion about abortion.'
from "Tony, the Guy Who Interrupts Serious Conversations" (never aired)
60."This guy are sick"
No Audience response just wacky music that gets more and more extreme after every scene until it is just noise. A bit like the rest of the show.
from "Scrubs: The Bottom of the Barrel"