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Yo face... is a very effective comeback phrase. It is used commonly when in desperation of a good return insult on something highly absurd and low-IQed. It is usually in the form of "Yo face is..." and followed by the previous derogatory phrase.

But overuse of such technique could potentially lead to obsessive commenting on everyday issues which could in turn lead to a very bloody and violent death upon the user.


  • "That's not funny." "Yo face is not funny."
  • "You are a pussy." "Yo face is a pussy."
  • "You suck." "Yo face suck."
  • "This movie is boring." "Yo face is boring."
  • "You are too slow" "Yo face is too slow."
  • "I love your mom". "FUCK YOU"

Note that this insult could work on pretty much anything, verbs, adjectives, nouns. The simple, elegant, flawless insult could aid one greatly from everyday argument even to battle rap, and the perfect logic behind this will leave the opponent speechless and IQ-less.

Also acceptable:

  • "That's not funny." "Like yo face."
  • "You are a pussy." "Like yo face."
  • "You suck." "Like yo face."
  • "This movie is boring." "Like yo face."
  • "You are too slow" "Like yo face."

In the extremely rare occasion that simple "Yo Face" jokes are not enough to win the argument, you must move in for the kill. Of which, of course, I mean the "Yo face makes no sense" comeback. To open yourself for the perfect moment to use this, you must trap your opponent as seen in this example:

  • "You're ugly." "Yo face is ugly."
  • "Go suck balls." "Yo face sucks balls."
  • "Well I banged your mom last night." "Like yo face!"
  • "How can a face bang anything? That doesn't make sense* (Your opponent has now trapped himself and is open for the inevitable)
  • "Yo face makes no sense!!!"

At this time, your opponent will have nothing more to say and you can sweeten your victory a little further with a couple of "oh"s and "what"s.

Perhaps the only thing that could combat "Yo face" would be the Russian Reversal. e.g.

  • "That's oldschool." "Yo face is old school." " In Soviet Russia, old school is yo!"

But, thanks to the flexibility of Yo face:

  • "Yo face is Soviet Russia."

Nevertheless, the battle could go on:

  • "In Soviet Russia, face is yo!"

This could go on in this fashion forever, like a paradoxical loophole, until someone gets pissed and beat the crap out of the other guy.

But in the end, Yo face wins anyways. No matter what anyone else says.