Wrestlemania IV

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Wrestlemania IV is known for returning to its roots as a bear porn phenomenal. Headlining the fourth installment was a battle royal for the WWF hard-anal-sore championship. 15 men competed for the coveted title each of them trying to stuff as much bear penis inside their buttholes as possible. But at the end it was Ric "Natureboy molestor Flair who won. Shoving as many as 17 grizzly bear penises in his ass under 5 minutes. His opponent Breast Dickman Hart only got in as many as 8 polar bear dicks in him under 10 minutes passing out after the polar bear fell asleep on top of him.

Good Ol JR Vs. Moolah[edit]

Jr's first playboy appearance

However Wrestlemania IV isnt only known for the Hart Flair match. It also marked Good Ol Jr's debut as the WWF's new leading diva. His Double D sized breasts won over fans all over the world, it would open the doors for good ol Jim Ross as he would soon be the covergirl for both Playgirl and Playboy. He would appear in both magazines 43 times in total throughout his lifetime.

Undertaker Vs. Undertaker's Penis[edit]

Also in one one of the most exciting matches The Undertaker fought his penis, the bout would end up lasting a complete hour due to constant interference from penis' gang members the testicles. Lefty interfered at about 30 minutes into the match with a steel chair hittin penis on accident while he was aiming at taker. Righty later interfered at about 45 minutes into the match but backstabbed Penis giving the deadman the advantage for a while. At the end though it would be the Undertaker who would come out the top.

Celebrity Appearences[edit]

Of course Wrestlemania wouldnt be complete without some celebrity appearances. Richard Pryor did some stand up comedy but ended up getting booed offstage. He started cussing ou the crowd squirting semen at them until a big panda bear comes out and traps Pryor into a cage, it would end up being a mistake though cuz Pryor ended up jacking off the bear until the bear was too tired to get up, as if that wasnt enough Pryor threw the bucket full of panda goo into the crowd. Richard Nixon also appeared singin and dancin La Cucaracha in his signature ASSMILK speedo, reminding us all why the 70s were so trippy in the first place. The rabid crowd cheered for an encore so Nixon came back out and sang The wheels on the bus go round and round this time not in a speedo but....you guessed it in a leather cheerleader costume with the words I WUZ PREZ BITCHES!!! on them.


  • Good Ol JR defeated Fabulous Moolah in a wet T-Shirt contest
  • The Undertaker defeated his Penis for the Intergaytional championship
  • Richard Nixon sings La Cucaracha sporting a speedo with the words ASSMILK on them
  • A bowl of frozen chilli defeated Superfly Jimmy Fuckya in a Last Man Standing Match
  • Macho Man Randy Dandy Savage Defeated Andre The Giant in an Oral Bear Choke Assault Match
  • Richard Pryor does stand up comedy...the crowd boos chanting "we want bears!!"
  • Richard Pryor defeats a Panda Bear after he gets locked in a cage match with one
  • Vince Introduces the bears and gets raped onstage by his son stephanie McMAN
  • Ric Flair defeated Bret "Hitman" Hart for the TNA Heavyweight Championship in a Hard-Analsore Match.
  • Chuck Norris defeats Bruce Lee in a "cheat the reaper" match
  • Tag-Team Title Match: The Allied Powers(John Cena and John Cena) defeated Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson
  • Money in The Bank Ladder Match: Luigi defeated Shang Tsung, Oprah Winfrey, Randy "Gay-Ass" Orton, Jesse, Festus and Larry the Cable Guy to go on and win the WWF Championship
  • Paddle on a Pole match: Brad Pitt defeated Paris Hilton, Hilary Clinton and Big Daddy V