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Wu-shoe, commonly misspelt as wushu, is a type of Chinese shoe that enables martial artists to give their kicks just that little extra spin that makes them lethal.

There are various brands of Wu-shoes, the one that was owned by Bruce Li was the famous The Way of the Intercepting Nose, that is characterized by very impressive nose blows. Not surprisingly, wu-shoe is typically the sound one makes when one is sneezing.

The main division in styles of Wu-shoe are the Western Styles and the Eastern Styles. As there are far more mountains in the west of China, the shoes that are manufactured there wear out far faster than those in the east of the country, where there are not so many rivers.

Wushu is also a notorious user name representing one of the most annoying, mentally challenged and pathetic pathological liars to ever come out of Australia - and if you've ever been to Australia, you'll understand that this is quite an achievement.

The name Wushoe is also given to a video from Lmaori Productions Ltd, which is set in a park, then moves to a table tennis stadium. The video contains wannabe kung-fu, ball grabbing, and the like, and has been labeled as "very awesome" by viewers.