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Features a 63-button layout!
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The Xbox 720 is supposedly a gaming machine, or probably some type of cheese, first released by Microsoft in 2084. It is intended for use by heterosexual people only and it is illegal for a homosexual to play it.


One of the highly anticipated features of the Microsoft Xbox 720 is the ability to be connected to a standard computer monitor wirelessly,and then eat potatoes!!!! Potatoes are good. After playing, you can easily unhook the computer monitor and fit the console into your mom's purse. The innovative 63-key controller is built into the console, therefore eliminating those stupid wires (and multiplayer scenarios). The system can either be plugged into an outlet or run on 40 AA batteries, or 50 D batteries for short car trips or long walks on the beach.

Bill Gates[edit]

He himself is raising sufficient money for his own, he recognizes its a bargain!

Disclaimer: if the Xbox 720 is taken anywhere filled with those batteries we would suggest using the Xhang a neckstrap that has to be hung around two oxen to use.

The Xbox 720 is also said to feature some classic Nintendo gameboy games. They're reportedly working with Mexicans are taking over to take down Sony once and for all.

Nintendo had this to say on the matter: "Sony's antics have gotten way out of control. I mean, copying our motion sensor? What's up with that? Damn noogas!".

Nintendo and Microsoft have agreed to work together on this project on January 1st, 2009.

Nintendo and Microsoft have disagreed to work together on this project. The reason: Sony's recent statement: What are these people thinking? who said we were working together? They think they can dominate world with a conventional Wii... Tshh! Launch the missiles!!... Oops did I say that out loud? Terminate the reporter at once!


I went poopie in my pants!!!

Sega Sun[edit]

It is also going to be the main enemy of the Sega Sun. Also released in this generation of consoles will be the PS9 which will run on 12 C batteries.


The games for this thing totally rule. Some even feature sound, as long as you purchase the MegaFX™ Übersound Two-Bit Expansion Dongled Device which must simply be arc-welded conveniently into the bottom of the console. Another game hopefully being released is the long awaited sequel "Halo:when is it goin to end"

Game Images[edit]

“I see to it that the games on the 720 look just like real life....when you were shot in both your eyes and were smokin' somethin' very, very strong..”

~ Bill Gates on Xbox 720 Graphics