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Xenophobe Warrior Princess in the process of race rioting in Burnley

Arch enemy of Johnny Foreigner Xenophobe Warrior Princess is the leader of the British National Party (BNP) a right wing political organisation against immigration and coloured folk. She had her own spin off series from The Adventures of Hercules and was a first step into masturbation for many teenage boys interested in BDSM, leather and submission around the globe.

Life Story[edit]

Racist protests instigated by Xenophobe

Brought up on the outskirts of London Xenophobe Warrior Princess' really likes to suck very large 13 inch chode (examples of this can be found by googleing choad like penis); brought up by family had a history of racist connections. She became involved in political activities at the age of 15, when her father, Edgar, took her to meetings of the National Front (NF). By 1978, Xenophobe was a national organiser for the NF. During this period she became close to Roberto Fiore, an Italian neo-fascist then living in London and wanted in Italy in connection with the 1980 Bologna Massacre. Fiore worked for a tour agency that Xenophobe was involved in and became an important influence on Xenophobe's subsequent political development.

For some years in the mid-80s, Xenophobe hosted summer white power music concerts at her father Edgar's home in Huntingdon, Suffolk, featuring such bands as Skrewdriver, which was associated with the NF through first Rock Against Communism and then the White Noise Club.

TV Show[edit]

Better than Barbie any day

Xenophobe's TV show, cunningly renamed Xena Warrior Princess, was part of the feminist power movement. It showed powerful women succeeding in a male dominated world, encouraging women to have career aspirations and wear leather. The scantily clad female central characters attracted a mainly male viewing audience and meant that plot was not a major issue for the show. There was also an action figure made of Xenophobe although this mainly was an aid to masturbation while watching the show.


In 1995, Xenophobe joined another right wing nationalist group, the BNP. For a time she edited the Spearhead, a publication owned by the then party leader John Tyndall. Xenophobe then became editor of The Rune, an anti-Semitic magazine published by the Croydon BNP. She edited it until 1997. In 1998 she was prosecuted in connection with the magazine.

In September 1999, Xenophobe was elected as head of the BNP. The BNP has dropped its former policy of compulsory repatriation of ethnic minorities in favour of "voluntary repatriation" aided by resettlement grants. Their stated policy on those who remain is that they will be allowed to stay as "guests", provided they obey British laws.

Fall From Grace[edit]

Yep that's hot, lesbians are great

Xenophobe was accused of being lesbian after the picture on the left was taken of her with her co-star Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle) on the Xena Warrior Princess set. This reduced her right wing political credibility to zero and effectively ended her (non-existant) career as a politician.


The leather bound body of Xenophobe has been a thing of joy for boys of all ages. Her action themed romps around ancient Greece are a thin veil for feminist propaganda and soft porn lesbian sex. As can clearly be seen form her outfit of tight, well oiled leather and chainmail she is a fetishest and BDSM expert. Her favourite sexual position is "everywhere, as long as I am in charge" and she has a whip.


The show was canceled in 2004 when the Women's Lib Movement ended and Hilary Clinton went back to baking cookies. Many teenage boys were depressed as they had to use Playboy now to quench their fapping needs.

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