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“Well, It's better than family guy

~ Oscar Wilde on Pimp My Ride

“You never pimped my ride you son of a B, sorry to use harsh letters.”

~ Dane Cook on Xzibit

Sorry 'bout that. We all know Dane Cook sucks...

“My man X to the Z is pimpin' West Coast Style”

~ Snoop Dogg on Xzibit

“I can get 16 T.V.s on your GRILLL!”

~ Mad Mike on Xzibit


~ 4Chan on Xzibit

“Sup. I'm X to tha Z Xzibit. Dayum. This car is fuckin beat. Look at this door! What da fuck is that?. Let's go get him. Eyyo, dog. Yo car is fucked up. But I'mma bring it to da West Coast, see what dey do widdit. Eyyo, this kid's name is DeMaurice. He likes chillin in his car. Try and pimp it for him. Aight. I'm out.”

~ Xzibit on Almost every episode of Pimp My Ride, earning himself a cool couple of million in the process.

“Ayyo dog, we heard you like to watch TV so we put a TV on your TV. Tell me that ain't pimpin.”

~ Unknown on XZibit

Xzibit (born Charles William Exhibit Winfrey) is a dyslexic rapper and professional black person.

Earlier Days[edit]

He denies, but Oprah is his actual sister

Before becoming famous through the show Pimp My Ride, X to the Z studies for his degree in Popping Caps at Harvard University. Although he denies, the one who supported him was his older sister Oprah.

Straying from the path of education, he got into the rap game after his friend Mad Mike gangstafied his car after putting 46 monitors in the steering wheel alone. He then got arrested for driving his Range Rover that was pimped out with an Xbox 360 controller for a steering wheel. After discovering his inner blackness while doing 6-10 years Xzibit accepted MTV's offer for a show called Pimp My Ride.

Xzibit, or 'X' to his friends, helped with the pimping of the Statue Of Liberty for the film 'Ghostbusters', choosing to use a 'NES' control stick, and a load of goo they'd been getting from the sewers which they had to be nice around or it would make fox-fur scarfs attack their owners etc. Xzibit was not credited for his work on the film, choosing, at the time, a quiet life as a museum feature in his home-town over the fame and fortune associated with celebrity-dom

On Pimp My Ride[edit]

He hosted the hit Male Teen Video show Pimp My Ride. After driving away West Coast Customs, a shitty GAS had to come in and save the show. Now X to the Z basically has sex with all of the contestants. Making him Bisexual. During His time on Pimp My Ride he was quite successful, the peak of his career being defined by the time he said "Yo dawg, I heard you like cars, so we put a car in your car, so you can drive while you drive."

X to the Z Now[edit]

After sexually assaulting Eminem and murdering your family for liking furries, he then got kicked off Pimp My Ride. He now raps for money on the streets of the 619 and pimps cars in the Philippines (for all you white people that don't have gangstaness in you, it's San Diego). Please support his charity cause. Donate to The Red Cross For Shot Up People That Have More Than 16 Bullets In Them AKA The 50 Cent Foundation.