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Tips for four-hoof-typers
How can I spay/neuter my Yahoos?
Yahoo-inspired Ad programs

Yahoos answer!: Ask a question, Answer grunts that sound like questions

Yahoos' Sports What the Hell is up with that, anyway?

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Typical Yahoo in heat

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A Yahoo female often is especially clean in the early stages of the mating ritual.

While Yahoos have many vices which manifest themselves on the internet, the most common appears to be lust. More... Popular Lust-based Searches

  1. pr0n
  2. goatse
  3. cancer porn
  4. Famous Fundamentalist Orgies

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Sway more Yahoos to our cause! Remember, it's never too late to win a Yahoo's heart. Join the ranks of the proud Today!

Free music! OMG! Those Yahoos are giving away free music! No wonder we're evolutionarily superior!

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