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Yahoo Serious is a well-known Tasmanian scholar with big hair known essentially because he looks like Albert Einstein.

"I don't see the resemblance at all," said Yahoo as he compulsively carved "E=MC" over and over again into his arm with his ever-present fork. He would have written the "squared" part, but didn't know how to make nonstandard characters without using a search engine.

Time and again people would catch Yahoo doing things like getting his picture taken with his tongue hanging out, or attempting to inspire the invention of the Atom Bomb, or making movies where he played a character called Albert Einstein, and each time Yahoo would deny any connection to the famous physicist.

In the late mid-1850s it became fashionable for people to pretend to be Yahoo Serious in order to try to gain some of his fame. Finding out which of a group of people was the real Yahoo Serious was made simpler by the development of a portable John McEnroe and the Slim Shady Algorithm.

Serious co-founded the Yahoo! web directory, which originated as an online listing of his many impersonators.

Yahoo Serious was well known for being too serious at times. Some say that made him stupid, except for the serious people who felt that he was not stupid but rather serious like they were. The smart people all laughed at them for being ignorant of their own serious medical condition. The Yahoo Serious foundation exists to help those without a clue to be serious.


Yahoo unfortunatly, met his end when was killed by being crushed by an out of control steamroller, following in his example; the many Yahoo Serious copies threw themselves underneath the roller. All around the world peopole recoiled in horror and performed spittakes onto their newspapers, upon learning of the Yahoo Massacres.

Nobody attended the funeral, sadly, of Yahoo Serious. Being too serious to have any friends or any family willing to be near him, nobody actually knew how he wanted to be buried, so they harvested his organs for Fast food burgers , sold his skin and hair to wealthy debonairs willing to wear him and his skeleton was grounded down to a powder and used as a powerful athrodisiac, "Yahoo Dust"

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