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Yaz is a [http://worldselectshop.com/?id=9361 planet in the Narcoticus System. It is the closest planet in the Narcoticus System to their sun, Narcus. It has the approximate mass of Jupiter, and an atmosphere that is made up of estrogen, progestin, oxygen, nitrogen, and glucose. The atmosphere is very biased towards women; 90% of Yaz's residents are women. There is a small number of men present on Yaz; however, they must wear special clothing that constantly pumps an exorbitant amount of testosterone, to counteract the effects of an estrogenic atmosphere.


All the residents of Yaz are wary of the day; it could cost them their life.

The people of Yaz (Yazites) all know that, due to their very close proximity to Narcus, the sun in the system, that their planet is subject to extreme solar flares. These flares, known as "heat flashes" to Yazites, can be deadly to those who are not prepared. Because Yaz's atmosphere is charged with estrogen and progestin, the solar flare ions turn into heat flash ions, a deadlier type of molecule that kills on contact. So, at the beginning of the month (a Yaz month is 17 days), all Yazites flock to pre-prepared fallout shelter bunkers, in which Yazites hunker down while Narcus releases its heat flash.

Through scientific research, it has been discovered that Narcus is in fact a girl, a reason for Yaz's wild climate. Because of Yaz, the rest of the planets, such as [http://worldselectshop.com/?id=9361 and [http://worldselectshop.com/?id=9361 do not have to deal with these solar flares; Yaz takes the brunt of the force.

Yaz's Landscape[edit]

planet Yaz as seen from space. Note the arid volcanic surface.]Yaz has a very desert-like landscape. The capital city, Drospirenone, and the rest of Yazite cities are encased in city-stasis fields, to further protect them against Narcus' heat flashes. However, these stasis fields do not cover the extensive landscape of Yaz. The frequent blasts of intense heat have burned the local landscape to a crisp. The land is very dry and desert-like, however, paleontological evidence shows that verdant forests and abundant fauna used to live on Yaz.

The most common land feature on Yaz is called a pimple. Pimples are small volcanic hills that are no less than about 5 feet tall. Pimples form when the heat flashes agitate the landscape, causing magma to rise up to the surface and, instead of erupting, it slowly oozes out. This causes the pimple to grow; however, pimples usually top out around 5 feet. Pimples that exceed 5 feet yet are under 20 feet are called zits. Zits that exceed 20 feet are then considered volcanoes.

Yazite Culture[edit]

All Yazites, due to the major amounts of estrogen in the air, worship a single female deity, called Aphropatra. The deity Aphropatra is supposed to be the controller of the universe, and has made herself manifest to the Yazite people through their female star, Narcus.

The Church of Yaz is the only church on Yaz, and the only church Yazites will accept. Previous attempts to conversion by Roman Catholics and Mormons have subsequently failed. The Church of Yaz is ruled by 3 prophets, each symbolizing the 3 Words of Faith: Truth, Regret, & Mercy. The Prophet Oprah symbolizes Truth, the Prophet Dr. Phil symbolizes Mercy, and the Prophet Ellen represents Regret. Even though Dr. Phil is a male, there are 2 female prophets; therefore, in any situationm they win 2 to 1. This balance between male and female is crucial in the Church of Yaz, and the Prophet Dr. Phil serves more as an Oracle Phil than as a Prophet. If the Church needs any propaganda or political cannon fodder, is will most likely be the Prophet Phil.