Yggdra Union: We'll Fight Alone

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“This game is so hot!! Make my penis frim!!”

~ Reviewer prasied Unsemble Studios

“Fuck You!! Fuck You!! Eat this you traitor!!”

~ Leonidas and his army defeat Yggdra armies


~ Fan Boy on Yggdra Union: We'll Fight Alone

“Sex Formation!! Maybe this will work!!”

~ George Washington on Yggdra Union: We'll Fight Alone

“OMG! kids with armies? this must be a new trick of the Terrorists!”

~ George Bush on Yggdra Union: We'll Will Fight Alone


“Play Age of Empires Instead!!”

~ Bruce Shelley comment this game

“Hey, you must get a thing called mint, if you do, you will see something good, muhaahahaha ”

~ Hentai fanboy on Yggdra Union: We'll Fight Alone

Yggdra Union: We'll Fight Alone
Yggdra cover 500.jpg
Yggdra Union Commercial Cover Art
Developer Unsemble Studios and TOTOTOTO Entertainment
Release Date 2012 (Nazi Only) 2020 (Remake Version)
Genre Harcore Complex, 2D tactical role-playing
Platforms PSP, PC, GBA
Rating AO +18
Would Garfield play it? {{{O-Wilde}}}

Yggdra Union: We'll Fight Alone is a fucking boring 2D tactical role-playing game by TOTOTOTO Entertainment or known as Sting Entertainment, HEY don't forget Unsemble Studios. This is game is very HARD and make you became nerd but some guys love it, so TOTOTOTO Entertaiment remake it for PSP, puting voiceacting. This is the favorite game of Near.

Yggdra Union: We'll Fight Alone will be released in 2012 in German only. Because contain Nazi Documentary and high-sexual scene.


Early development of the game.

This game need 5 years to build it even the game was 2D strategy game just like Earth Empire or Age of Empire II: Age of Kings. The characters design, Satoko Kiyuduki was responsible of moe and big eyes characters and the lead game programmer Bruce Shelley who also father of creator of "Age of Empires Series" help it out. Satoko Kiyuduki also put nudity and phonographic picture for attraction for this game.


The story is set far from Sparta, Greece. Yggdra was running away from home because her father a noob King already been attacked and fucked up by Micheal Jackson. Micheal Jackson then destroy all the town, and established new kigdom, called Gayquian Kingdom.

Micheal Jackson send a hot chick called Aegina to catch Yggdra, but some dude called Milanor the master of Sexual Eruption, son of Snoop Doggcomes, raped Aegina and saves Yggdra.

Durant is demonstrating sex formation for battle


Yggdra: Oh thank you for saving me!!

Milanor: Save you!! I just want to sex with you!! sex you KNOW!!


Milanor:YA!! BUT I refer Sex is clean words, dont say FUCK or I sex in you anal!! BUAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!

Yggdra: Alright! But after the Fuck, please help me to save my kingdom.


After 3 hours of seduction, finally. Milanor penis is not frim and Yggdra need his sexy mens to help her out. Therefore, Milanor make one condition to join Yggdra for war. It was another sexual thing.

After the sex, Milanor contact to Jackner Pilin to help his out.

Then the boring story begun...

First, Yggdra and his army find her lost army in Midlands. They arrived just in time when she found Durant and his knights still survived from Micheal army. Yggdra use raider formation while Milanor and his men use dick formation. The formation is successful because Milanor rape entire enemy (mostly female) and defeated it, Durant was been save by Yggdra.


If things go bad, Yggdra takes a bath, making the morale of her mens up to the heavens! as well other things...


~ Leon talk to Leonidas


~ Leonidas pushed Leon into the well

“Nooooooooo! Brother!”

~ Elena, serious, how a bastard like Leon can have so cute sister?
Leonidas a.jpg

Leonidas — Main characters in this game, not Yggdra. He always to shouted Yggdra because love SpartAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S He do not always appear this game.

“Justice lies on the sexy body, not the Holy Sword!!”

~ Yggdra motivating his army

“You are blonde, have blue eyes and wield a big sword, are you my sister?”

~ Cloud Strife on Yggdra
Yggdra a.jpg

Yggdra — Second main character in this game who holds a freaking big sword, Yggdra is a sexy and hot chick, she likes take baths in lakes when she was been fucked up. Some guys said she's Cloud Strife lost sister, because both are blonde, have blue eyes and carries freaking big swords, but no one have confirmed this.

“Wooohooooo!! HOT chicks!! YAY!!”

~ Milanor on Yggdra Union: We'll Fight Alone

“Too much sex is not good for you, young man.”

~ Doctor advise Milanor in the Mercy Hospital

“Who cares?! look! there cute girls with big eyes everywhere! woooo!.”

~ Milanor answer to doctor
Milanor a.jpg

Milanor — Some dude with silver hair and a strange looking axe, he have high sensitivity penis firm. Love to fuck hotty girls, he is also leader in Jawwolf clan. He is big fan of Chuck Norris!!

“BURPPPP~!!!! Boss, Where the heck that hot chicks!!”

~ Bandit on Yggdra Union: We'll Fight Alone

“Guys, if we win, we raped Yggdra!”

~ Milanor motivating his men
Bandit a.jpg

Milanor Mens — No one cares about this guys, most of them die during a battle, but Milanor have ulimited suplies of mens, sometimes they raped Yggdra just for fun.


~ Kylier fucking war cry
Kylier a.jpg

Kylier — Kylier is Milanor ex-girlfriend, maybe. She ride Huge Hawk when his boyfriend need him. It looks like Gyphron Rider from Warcraft II.

“Hey little kid, wanna Fuck?”

~ Micheal Jackson trying to seduce Laharl

Micheal Jackson — Most Antagonist in this game, he also big fucker and love to fuck little boy such as Laharl. In this story, he was wearing Celts kilt, carring a badass scythe and love to flirt his royal soldiers. In chapter 300, he was changed his identity and change his name to Gulcasa.

“Sex & Conquer!!!!”

~ Gulsaca Motives
Gulcasa a.JPG

Gulcasa — Before he was been defeated, Micheal Jackson make itself another face operation and change his name to Gulcasa, then he heard about a place filled with moe kids, he go horny, form a army and raped Yggdra kingdom, his favorite Trick is "Genocide", he raped his own soldiers to become super powerful and crush his enemies, he also like make kids play with his scythe.

“I don't have any sister!!”

~ Aegina talks to Yggdra
Aegina a.jpg

Aegina — Second Antagonist in this game. Nobody know her family, but she looks a lot like Yggdra, some fans said they are sisters, After he been fucked by Milanor, She was managed to escape to Discoland. Then she meet Gordon Freeman, so she flirt him, But failed. Later she return to help his king Michael Jackson AKA Gulcasa to raped Yggdra and her mens, but they were defeated.


~ Jackner Pilin is firm when he see Yggdra bathing
Jackner a.JPG

Jackner Pilin — Noob, A wired firm penis kid that can travel 10,000/Kmh per hour. He also appear from Age of Umpries and Disgaea as a Saban Gipong.

“Wanna learn Skill Dogg?”

~ Durant is teaching his army
Durant a.jpg

Durant — Durant is a sexology also a brave knight. He know all about skill for war and sex skill!! He is the only a knight who will join your side.

“MOH~~!! BURP!!! ”

~ Boomer on Yggdra Union: We'll Will Fight Alone


~ Boomer vomit on Milanor
Boomer a.JPG

Boomer — Boomer from Left 4 Dead!? Well, he is fat zombie and useless. Just like VMDL from Age of Empires.


~ Laharl evil laugh

“NO!!! Not this guy!!”

~ Micheal Jackson trying to fuck Laharl

Overlord Laharl — Not important kid, he is just messing your army. He have huge army, strong morale and is impossible to defeat it. Only Micheal Jackson can defeat him. Later, he was been teleport to Netherworld by Jackner Pilin.


~ You on Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman — Just like Half-Life series, he doesn't talk at all (in this game). You can find him in Discoland and he will join you where you need to defeat Laharl. Unlike Yggdra Army, using sword or medieval weapons. Gordon army using crowbar and modern pistol. Which he is most strongest attack in your team.

Bill L4D.jpg

“Need pain pills...”

~ Bill talks to Yggdra

“What!? You want Jackner Pilin”

~ Yggdra reply Bill

“Son of Bitch!!! Are you deaf!?”

~ Bill reply back Yggdra

Bill — He just a guest from this games.

“Do you want be my girlfriend?”

~ Mizer talks to Yggdra

“No... because you are a noob!!”

~ Yggdra talks to Mizer
Mizer a.JPG

Mizer — Mizer is a very annoying guy because he always appear in the game until Chapter 9998, love electric and archery. He was task by Gulsaca to assassinate Yggdra. Therefore, He was deeply in love with her; so he decide to give many love letter to Yggdra, but Milanor burn them. So, he was jealous and decides to kill Milanor and his men’s. But unluckily he always was defeated. He always appears from Chapter 2 until Chapter 9998, where Laharl killed him for noob.


“Dammmit!!! These Arab guy!! ”

~ Yggdra father mock them

Mamaluke — Mamaluke is a “Super-Jihad Armies” or known as Anti-Mounted Warrior. They are Islamic knight that good against Knights, Golem, Gryphon Rider and any mounted units. Yggdra have this army before the story begin. They are elite-mercenaries until Yggdra father, the noob king execute all of them because of political controversy. So, Michael Jackson was able to conquer Fantasinia Kingdom in just about 4 minutes. You can find them in Chapter 7, but you must defeat them. Then, they will join you. They also appear in Age of Empires Series, as Camel Rider or Camel in Age of Kings.

“Witch!! Huh? This is different than others!!”

~ Louis find a Teen Witch on Left 4 Dead
Witch a.jpg

Witch — Not that kind of Witch Left 4 Dead. This female magician is good against Infantry but weak vs. Micheal Jackson and his elite army Woad Raider.


~ William Wallace shouted to King Edward Longshanks on Braveheart
William a.JPG

Woad Raider — Micheal Jackson most royal army, they wear Woad and mad as wild man. They are also big fucker, according to Snoop Dogg!! Unluckily, only 3 of them were remain. It were Ortega, Chuck Norris and Henry Freeman.

“Yay, more fuck!!”

~ Milanor men's were firm

Valkyire — Valkyire is most sexy and fuckable female warrior. Only Aegina and Yggdra control this army. They were a high-professional female fighter that good against Bandits (including Milanor men’s). But they did not strong enough to defeat Woad Raider and Michael Jackson army, because they use a scythes and a huge axes. So, only Gordon Freeman, Milanor & Durant are able to defeat them. P.S Milanor men’s also love to fuck Yggdra army.


There are 4 main nations in this game:

  • Fanatisian (Yggdra)
  • Gayquian (Micheal Jackson)
  • Spartaaan (Leonidas)
  • Alpartaaan (Emo Guy?)

Each nations have his or her ruler.



In PSP version, you are allowed to changed difficulty, such as Easy Mode, Normal Mode, Hard More & more...

Easy Mode

  • All enemies morale reduce to 40%
  • All enemies status reduced to 25%.
  • Mizer Lightning Bolt unable.
  • Ankh Cannon, Catapult, and other siege weapons are weaker.
  • Gulsaca army +4000 morale.
  • Unable to lock new story or new modes.

Normal Mode

  • Average, nothing special.
  • Able to unlock Hard Mode and other Mode.

Hard Mode

  • All enemies morale increase to 40%
  • All enemies status increase to 25%.
  • Mizer Lightning Bolt stronger.
  • Ankh Cannon, Catapult, and other siege weapons are effective.
  • Gulsaca army +8000 morale.
  • Unlock new story & new modes.

Nudity Mode

  • Adults only, not recommended for 18 below.
  • Require to finish Easy Mode, Normal Mode, Hard Mode & Chuck Norris Mode.

UnAce Mode

  • Cards doesn't require Ace.

Chuck Norris Mode

  • ???

Jackner Mode

  • Increase Jackner Pilin status.

Witch Mode

  • Changed all female expect important characters into Witch from Left 4 Dead.

This mode is required to finish the Hard Mode,

Boomer Mode

  • All enemies head or leader became Boomer expect important characters and Gulsaca.
  • Even you win the battle, you morale will decreased (because Boomer burst).

Demon Mode

  • Make your all ally and enemies became Demon which are stronger morale and status (expect Laharl).


  • Enemies became VMDL expect Head, (only Head able to attack).

Micheal Jackson Mode

  • Micheal Jackson and Gulsaca morale+10,0000.

Sparta Mode

  • Changed Yggdra to Leonidas.

GTA Mode

  • Changed Yggdra equip with shotgun.

Things to Do[edit]

To master this game, you must:

  • Be a nerd
  • Love moe girls with big eyes
  • Be big fan of SpartAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!
  • Rape Yggdra (Nudity Mode Only)
  • Became Micheal Jackson Son
  • Defeat Morgan Freeman, A God

Why Leonidas?[edit]

Just like is Predecessor, Riviera: The Unpromise Land there will be Leonidas. Why? Because he berserk!!

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