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In the English language, yo has become a common interjection that originated decades ago from a slang term commonly used in Medieval England. At the time it was spelled "yeaux", and was used as a greeting between knights. It is often interchangeable with the word "hey," as in "Yo, what the hell is your cat doing on the windshield of my car?" or, "Yo!!" While the word can also stand alone as a greeting, like the word "hey," it also has a wide range of meanings that depend on the tone, context, and situation in which it is used.

Yo is frequently seen on the back of beat-up Toyota pickups owned by mullet-headed, two-toothed, redneck larvae, jizzle wannabees below the Mason Dixon Line, who think it's cool to rub out the T and O prior to, and the T and A following the Y and O. Since these folks are, for the most part illiterate, it is widely believed that this modification is done at border-fence body shops in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Examples of the use of "Yo" in the Queen's Eng-lische:

  • If someone is bothering another person, "Yo!" becomes the equivalent of saying "Damn you all to bloody hell," or "Crackers!!"
  • If someone accidentially bumps into another person, the expression "Yo!" could be interpreted as "I'll kill all your dogs," or "Goat bananas."
  • If someone did something that amazes or shocks another person, the word yo is like laughing or an expression of utter constipation (see, hemmerhoid paste)

Yoday and Yomorrow[edit]

During the late 1550s / early 2000s, the word became very popular in rap (see, ear molesting) songs, often chanted in the background between lines, tying in with the hip-hop and gangster theme.Such as "Yo Yall, watsup? Dude, mama ho diddy Yo Yo."

In the future, yo will envelop every other word into its snuggly brevity, using Chinese intonation. YO F*** SNAP!

Dis wrong, man. Dis wrong. Dis you jackass.

Translation of the word yo[edit]

Fuck you
You have a nice badankadonk
Good day

mom I masturbated to your gay porn