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The Federal Censorship Commission (FCC) has once again invaded the Internet's privacy, and now all product placement is censored. The following words belong to the FCC:

  • Mario
  • Disney
  • Pepsi


TV Tropes has a page about it! Why not Uncyclopedia?”

~ Cueball on YouTube Poop

“Because YouTube is where the Poop is!”

~ Mama Luigi on YouTube Poop

“Where there's smoke, they pinch back.”

~ Mario on either YouTube Poop or marijuana

YouTube Poop is a new art medium featured principly on YouTube. It involves the editing of Mario games and shows, Disney movies, and episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants to make the sources inexplicably hilarious in a random way. Many Internet types have indulged in YouTube Poop, most notably Walrusguy (deceased), Waxonator (deceased), Mo Bros. Studios, Awful Fawful, and cs188. Sloth 65 makes videos similar to YouTube Poop, but their videos aren't YouTube Poop because they don't have "YouTube Poop" or a variant at the beginning of their titles.

Holy shit, where do I begin?[edit]


YouTube Poop was created by accident when Anonymous played the Mario cartoon "Recycled Koopa" on their computer while backing up their files into an oscillator in an attempt to make the episode good. During the process, they accidentally knocked over a Pepsi, causing the Pepsi to spill all over their computer. And this[1] is what appeared on the oscillator's screen.

Anonymous, being an idiot, considered this to be comedy gold. Later on, he posted the video on YouTube. Thus was born... YouTube Poop that's right.


YouTube Poop gained popularity fairly quickly, and by 2007, YouTube Poop was about as popular as Beck after the 90s. Beck should quit. Cher should've never picked up a microphone. Professionally, I mean.

Anyway... Where was I... Oh yeah, YouTube Poop.


YouTube Poop blossomed in 2009. There were a few good ones in 2008, but pretty much all of the really good ones were released in or after 2009.