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The unfortunate, forgotten child in the back? Yep, that's the Poland
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“In Soviet Russia, Poland forgot YOU!!”

~ Soviet Russia on Poland

You forgot Poland is a game typically played in the lowlands of Scotland by ragtag gangs of schoolchildren. It is much like hide and seek, except for the fact that a careful count is taken of all participants before the game. Then all but one child go off to hide. This one child is called the "Golden Snitch". The Golden Snitch then goes off to seek out all of the other kids until there is only one left to find, called the "Poland". When this magic number has been reached, the found children chant "You forgot Poland! You forgot Poland! Who did you forget?" The Golden Snitch then must correctly guess whom he or she has forgotten about. If they can guess correctly, then the game is won, and all participants go their separate ways, except for the Poland, who must sit around and wait for the next game to begin.

The world-record holder for the longest time spent being the Poland was held by Guinness McGlasgow, who began his stint as the Poland in a game way back in 1969. On the way back from the original game, all of his friends were tragically run over by a bus. He has been Poland ever since. He also does not know the tragic end for his friends. He enjoys poppyseed and rye bagels.

There have been other recent sightings of former Polands, including Cloyd McCutcheon. Cloyd was once playing with friends in a sandbox and they had left him behind. At that time, he was not considered a "Poland". He was just not well liked. When his mother came to get him, she accidentally picked up some other kid. Cloyd was then a Poland until he was thirty years old and came to visit his mother's grave. She had died of a broken heart because she had lost her real son. When he visited her grave, he said she should tell God that he is no longer a Poland. Cloyd has never married and does not have any children. It has reported he is actually dead, but that hasn't been confirmed.

As a result of being forgotten so much, the Polands have formed their own military force, the Forgot Poland Army.

There are exactly 2 1/2 black people in poland.

Poland is often thought to be forgotten, and it is, and was, and will be cause George Dubya said so for me to tell you.