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Young Jeezy is a rapper, player, hustler, baller, soul survivor, go getta (Oh!), go getta (Oh!), go getta (Oh!), and, most importantly, cocaine dealer (Yeeeeeeeeeeah!). He calls himself the Snowman because he melts at temperatures above 110 degrees Fahrenheit (That's right!). There are rumors that he was cloned from cells from Jay-Z's chains (Aaaaay!). He often adds ad-libs at the end of his lines (Yeeeeeeeah!).


Jesus H. "Young Jeezy" Christ (no relation) was born in Atlantis in 1910 (Daaaaaamn!). At age 5, he met Kate Moss who taught him the wonders of cocaine (That's right!). At age 7, he was diagnosed with a mild form of Tourette's Syndrome, which gives him the urge to yell random things after he finishes his sentences (Ha ha!). He became a drug dealer when he was in high school, after one particularly boring economics class (West side!).

Jeezy parlayed his lucrative trapping career into a slightly less lucrative rapping career (Yeeeeeah!) when he sold crack to Tyrone Biggums, who introduced young Young Jeezy to Dr. Dre, but he was in the middle of an operation (Ayyyyy!). He later met That Guy who introduced him to Jay-Z (Oh!). Though he has questionable lyrical ability, he has gained renown for his egg-shaped head and raspy voice (Oh!). At last count, at least seven dope boys have gone crazy after hearing Jeezy's new songs (Yeeeeeah!).

He died in 2007 after snorting Juelz Santana (Daaaaamn!).


  1. I Deal Cocaine (1935)
  2. Crack Dealer (1976)
  3. T/Rapper (1980)
  4. If You Are a Member of the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency, I Was Just Kidding about the Crack (1985)))
  5. No I Wasn't (1985)
  6. Daaamn! (1986) (Released while incarcerated for selling crack)
  7. Do You Want to Buy Some Crack? (1990)
  8. Jeezy the Snowman (1994)
  9. Jeezy's Winter Wonderland ([1995]])
  10. Crack Dealer II: The Sequel (1996)
  11. Hustlin' is Another Term For Selling Crack, Which Is What I Do (1998)
  12. Introducing Crack-Os, A Cereal for Baseheads (1999)
  13. That White Stuff is Not Snow (It's Cocaine) (2001)
  14. I Could Sell Crack to the Pope (2003)
  15. Jesus Crack (2005)
  16. Did I Mention that I Occasionally Deal Cocaine? (2007)