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You may be looking for Captain Obvious and not even know it!

“That's not fair!”

~ The Younger Sister on something that probably was fair and even had a reasonable explanation

“My younger sister is younger than me.”

~ Captain Obvious on younger Sisters

“Is it wrong to think your sister is hot?”

~ Oscar Wilde on incest

“Well, of course I'd say she's annoying!”

~ Random Person on his younger sister

“We're not sure who's the younger sister.”

~ Sprouse Twins on their own ages and genders

“You douchebag!”

~ Random guy's younger sister on annything he says or does.
Giving out a good whine will garner her some attention, but she will usually squander these attention chits on candy and hamsters.

The younger sister is the most common title used when referring to the female in the family that is not as old as one of her siblings. Typically, the younger sister will whine more than any other member of the family, probably because no one would listen to her otherwise.

Many of the great minds of our time have tried to figure out why the younger sister is so different from the rest of the family. As of yet, the best explanation they've come up with is that in a desperate attempt to get someone to care about them, they strip themselves of all family traits and act out in unconventional ways so that all of the public way become aware of this. The most famous and well known example is the One Night In Paris tape, in which Rick Salomon made a desperate attempt to get some attention. As we all know, this plan backfired, allowing the hottest/ditziest human alive to become quite famous.

If the younger sisters plan succeeds and someone actually begins to care about her, she'll often be overcome by the sheer excitement of the situation and annoy whoever pretended to care. After this, that person either commits a violent form of suicide or runs for a position on their church board.

If the younger sisters plan fails, then generally she will run and hide in front of her only friend, television. After stocking up on her weight in crackers, she will camp in front of the TV for hours on end, watching whatever comes on, even if it's the Brady Bunch.

By this point she will finally get someone to care about her, most likely her doctor. At this point the family doctor will become giddy because of the weekly checkups related to the heart disease, clogged arteries, and reoccuring brain failure due to the overdose of Marcia Brady's dimples. Money is ripped out of the fathers wallet, and he soon wonders why he's getting doctors bills for a child he didn't know he had.

Ultimately, the younger sister will soon enough be recognized by her parents, and they will make many attempts to try and get her to lose weight. The parents do this because they care about their financial security daughter so much, and typically the middle child loses touch with the parents who no longer care about him at all. Somewhere out there is a perfect family without this problem, but the reason we don't know of them is because they aren't what makes TV exciting...which is in fact another reason why the Brady Bunch isn't shown that much anymore.