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No you idiot. This is myspace. Get your own.
Whoops! Maybe you were looking for MySpace?

YourSpace is a satirical parody of MySpace. It lurks online pretending to be a website, when in fact it is a omnipresent stalker. The omnipresence of YourSpace seems a problem for many people, as they just cannot escape it. Many people have been fooled by YourSpace, but do not be! If You See YourSpace, RUN LIKE HELL!!! Many people have mistaken YourSpace for a grue. But it is not. It Is A Cheap Imitation where people actually type of things that really happen.

Many MySpace users are easily confused by the looks of the word, becoming a much easier way to promote sexual predators of MySpace.

But on the contrary YourSpace is actually the original MySpace but after the fall of soviet Russia Stalin believed the name YourSpace had connotations of a capitalist nature and believed the name MySpace showed he was still in control.

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