Your Friend's Giraffe

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A conversation between friends during their childhood years....

"Like, I'm tellin' you man .... it's HOT. Like, I was over there the other day, right? And its's all, like, smiling at me and shit and I was all, like, smiling back and then it bends over, SO HE SAYS, "AUUAAUUUUAAAGH"! Well, it's eating one of those lacy bras and I could see the contents of its stomach, man!! It's hot, I'm tellin' you, dude!" - Tojo

"Like, your Giraffe is so hot, you could fry an egg on his neck. it is so hot, that if he went to Hell, they'd have to put in air conditioning. It's 'hot' man ... you should fuck it ...yeah, you." - Winston Churchill

"Your dog? Fuck her, she's a dog. Man, I tell you what, I'll go down and see that guy Hitler and we'll get us some o' his love powder and we'll put it in your Giraffe's Coke and when it gets really, really high, we'll fuck its brains out and we'll make him cum so bad he'll be walkin' bowlegged for a WEEK, man! And then he'll fucking fall, cuz he's a FUCKIN giraffe, man" - Mark Twain

"I'm just sayin' fool ... its HOT, man ... sizzlin' ... HOT, man!" - Mr. T

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