Your grandma

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Your Grandma is an alien that came from Vjun to Earth. She looks like human and feeds you with disgusting plants to learn important codes and everything. Her species are unknown.


Your Grandma is second daughter of Darth Vader and when Vjun exploded, Vader sent her to Earth. Most people saw her on TV, but she had the stormtrooper helmet on. Grown-ups know who Your Grandmas are, but they don't tell kids. When kids reach 18, they know. But then Your Grandma dies or is monstruosly killed by hotheaded grandsons and granddaughters.

Look of Your Grandma[edit]

Your Grandma looks like a bulldog, so don't mistake her for it. She is short, white-haired and always carries a cane, which is in fact her lightsaber.