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"It's time to d-d-d-d-duel!!!!" says this young boy who desperately wants to be Yugi.

Yugi Mutou (also known by many aliases such as Yugi Mutoh, Yugi Muto, Yuhgi Mutoh, and Partner) is the star character of Yu-Gi-Oh!. A perpetual bully magnet with only one real friend, he develops an alter-ego to eliminate the bullies and then use ridiculous games to defeat many enemies, from bank robbers to corporate tycoons. Asking anyone how the ne'er-do-wellers agree to going through Yugi's trials instead of firing a bullet into his heart at first sight is like asking the owl "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?"


Yugi Mutou at seventeen, when he could live freely without being bothered for wanting to be a 'gal.'

Yugi Mutou's child-like appearance, height and voice help to add to his portrail as an innocent. When you look closely however, this couldn't be further from the truth. He is prone to wearing bondage equipment on a regular basis, as well as giving the leather store a healthy income for his love of it. He's often wearing a neck belt and shirt with many many buckles.

The Domino High School student is always bullied (getting wedgies, having stinky gorgonzola cheese thrown in his face, having sexy girls spread saucy rumors about the size of his Peter, and getting rather spectacular hazings such as having duct tape closing his ass cheeks) snaps and develops a dark side - Dark Yugi or Yu-Gi-Oh (Yami Yugi) - For some reason Domino High School doesn't have any bullies anymore. Nobody knows what happened to them. For the first time in ages, the school staff, including Ms. Chono and Mr. Tsuruoka, report that Yugi is actually smiling! Unbelievable!

Yugi thinks that Katsuya Jonouchi (Joey Wheeler) is his best friend because, when "Yu" and "Jo" are put together it reads "Friendship" in Japanese. Yugi has no clue that Jonouchi only is pretending to be his friend because Jonouchi wants to use Dark Yugi against his enemies.

For all Yugi's faults he is the hero of the show and therefore either wins at everything against all odds or has his dark side win. Though he is usually a uke to some of the more insane villians he always finds a way to turn the position around and back on them (usually by jamming a duel monster, a die, a card, or the puzzle somewhere uncomfortable).


Seto Kaiba knew he could never tell Yugi his true feelings.


Yugi Mutou was born on February 30, 1981. He usually placed in the suckiest schools because he always played games. Instead of studying fractions he played Nintendo until 5 A.M. Naturally he got grades that only an underachiever could be proud of. His squeaky voice, his small stature, his ugly haircut, and his crybaby attitude formed him into a bully magnet. Anzu Mazaki became his friend early on, but only because she was the only girl in the class to even think of playing video games. All of the other Japanese girl focused on Barbie and cutesy bubblegum girl power anime shows. Anzu often came home with scrapes and bruises because everyone else loved knocking out Yugi's teeth, forcing him to moon the principal, and cutting the electrical cables of his gaming systems; she was the only one who could defend little Yugi. Also Yugi perpetually had not a single yen in his piggy bank, as he always spent his money playing or buying games instead of, you know, saving for university!

Yugi's perverted grandfather, Sugoroku Mutou, found a puzzle in ancient Egypt after cutting his naive guides to bits and stealing the puzzle from a stall also selling koshari and Coca-Cola. Then Sugoroku decided that it would make a better present than, you know, forcing Yugi to be practical!

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