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The word z0rz is a particle, commonly used in American, Germanian, 'Straiyan, Finnish and sometimes unintentionally in the language of Swedish Chef. It's easy to be amazed by the vast variety of grammatical forms the word occurs in. The word has one different conjugation for each object or topic it relates to. Beacuse of this you have to you have to look to Tangerine (the most popular Chinese dialect) to find a word with a greater number of grammatical variations. (The word is Gyo-zho, meaning apple, which occurs in 759 different forms.) Overall, z0rz is not only an omnispangular word, but also a subculture of never before seen dimension.




Here is a list of examples of the use of z0rz in common spoken language:

My character in Guild Wars is named Zorz Zorz Zorz Zorz.
Teh Wordz0rz Explanation
In its normal form
A > You eat too much! You should
go on a diet fat-ass!
B < Now: Foodz0rz!
In this example B means to insult A before eating his pizza with extra cheese, because of A's comment.
A > Marilyn Manson really stinks!
B < Aha? Manson suxxz0rz!
In this example B uses the conjugation of z0rz relating to the word success, so what he's really saying is "Marilyn Manson is great, you dumb-ass!"
A < Lolz0rz!
I'm rolling my eyes at you and look down at the miserable creature you are!
In its reversed form (Teh conjugation)
A < LOL, BF2 sez faulty 
serial c0de!
B > RTFM, Go download the 
f***ing crackz0rz!!!!11!!!
In this example B suggests to A that he should try the new way of downloading drugs to your computer, instead of trying to use illegal software. Since he is using the conjugation, he suggests that taking drugs is a positive experience.
A < In Soviet Russia, 
teh suxxz0rz is you!!
Notice the subtle difference in this example. By prefixing z0rz with teh, you might believe that A is trying to claim that the person he's talking to is a success. However, this is not the case. By combining the conjugation with a Russian Reversal, z0rz retains it original meaning. So this sentence means something like: If you would ever go to Soviet Russia, you would totally fail!
In its singularis form (Soz)
A < John is really gayz0rz!
B > Yes in fact he is a homosexual,
do you have a problem with that?
A < No, soz!
A is insulting John by insinuating in a negative manner that he might be homosexual. B confirms that this is the case. A then confesses to be homosexual himself by using the singularis form of the word.

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