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a 69ז structure

In the mathematical structure Holocaust, the Hebrew letter ז (Zayin) is used to represent the sexual numbers. Sexual numbers count all the sexual acts that took place from the beginning of humanity. They were discovered by the Hungarian politician Cicciolina in 1061.

Important ז numbers[edit]

  • 3ז - Represents the first blowjob, when cane blew his brother's head off.
  • 69ז - Doesn't represent the first 69 position act, as many people think. Represents the first bat-cat-rat orgy ever.
  • 440665210005ז - Represents the first first fuck of a gick, witch actually was a televized kiss and belonged to Bud Bundy.
  • 2000000004000000000045555555550544109ז - Represents the last legal eyefuck in Louisiana.

Applications of the ז numbers[edit]

Thus far, the only known application of the ז numbers relate to the 0ז number, witch represent the sexual act of the Big Bang, when God created Wikipedia and fucked up the entire universe. When used correctly, this number can destroy the Yiddish Wikipedia and save 0.0050002% of the universe.