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Zell Miller is a Republican politician from Georgia (ok, he's technically a Democrat, but seriously, who does he think he's kidding?)

Miller during his RNC speech

Senate Career[edit]

At the beginning of his Senate career, Miller was bitten by a rabid racoon. Miller did not seek treatment for the rabies. Instead, he enjoyed the rush, and constantly subjected himself to bites from rabid raccoons. PETA took issue with this, so Miller used his secret laboratory to extract rabies from the raccoons, and now injects the disease into himself via saringes at least thrice a day.

Miller's insanity was seen quite vividly when he gave a speech at the Republican National Convention. Miller spent the entire time foaming at the mouth, and so his speech was cut short by Chris Matthews, who shot Miller with a tranquilizer gun, out of the fear that he might bite and infect some of the other delegates. When Miller awoke, he was upset, and challenged Matthews to a duel. Miller accepted, and the two dueled with butterknives the following morning. Matthews declared victory and walked away after stabbing Miller in the heart, but Miller was soon resurected after selling his soul to Satan (he had gotten the number from Dick Cheney, who had made a similar deal ten years ago).

Post-Senate Career[edit]

Miller's state of rabidness has gotten increasingly worse. He can often be seen running on all fours on dark nights, and he preys on the brains of small children.