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Contrary to popular belief, Ziploc is not a kind of seal/re-seal bag that you may have never noticed thanks to your extremely observant nature. It is a planet, orbiting around the Invisible Giant Mega Planet, Crawgaga.

How to get there[edit]

Many orangutans often wonder, how it is that they could get to Ziploc. Fact is, orangutans can't. Ziploc is actually a hyper-meta-morphized-*insert big word that you don't understand*- sub divisional-alter-dimension of Earth itself. so you're already there.

Sworn Enemies[edit]

The Sworn enemies of the Ziplocians are the Colpizians. Colpiz is another tiny satellite of Crawgaga. The Ziplocians managed to suffocate a majority of their population in what isw infamously referred to as the black plastic bag plague. Victims were found with their heads trapped withing airtight plastic bags (apparently there is air on Colpiz) leading to the common misconception that Ziplocians actually manufacture these bag thingies. They don't.

Why it is a problem[edit]

Another frequent question that orangutans ask themselves. But in the truth, it is their evil subconsciouses who translate their signs to mean as stated while they're just trying to ask for a pomegranate.

Homosapiens (not to be confused with gay guys) on the other hand have a lot of reasons to consider it a problem. For one, the orangutans didn't let them in on Ziploc in the first place.