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Zoey is a character/actress on Pokemon. She also happens to be Dawn's rival. The odd part is that, unlike the other Pokemon rivals, she actually has a good attitude. Contrary to popular belief, she is NOT a lesbian. That's right, don't be fooled by hair and 'butch style of dress. Zoey, just like Dawn, is hot (disagree with me if you want, but those jeans are hot). Zoey has also recently become Dawn's defense attorney due to all the people stalking her.

Before Pokemon Changed Her Life[edit]

Zoey was born in Venice, Florida. After being a drift racer for awhile, Zoey decided to take up acting class. She was a star in her class, permorming in over 33 plays from 'Romeo & Juliet' to a cheap, crappy version of 'Rent'. She applied for Pokemon...and GOT THE JOB OF RIVAL! How she managed to land that role is hard to imagine. For a rival, she sure is friendly instead of your typical hostile rivals. She quickly hit the fanworks scene and has developed sort of a cult following. Less than 24 Hours before becoming a defense attorney, Zoey, along with fellow FBI members, busted a major drug operation in Dragon Tales. Zoey lived in Dragon Tales for about a year before moving back to Venice. Here's what she had to say about the city of Dragon Tales:

“Dragon Tales is a very poor community ridden with drugs, violence, gangs, and gayness. It's not a good place to live if you want suitable living conditions. Since I had Pokeballs with me, I was almost killed...twice. I moved out of there not only because of a deteriorating house, but for my life as well. That place is a horrible places to work in.”

~ Zoey

During Pokemon[edit]

Without doubt, Zoey is scoring big with fans despite not being in the first nine episode of Diamond & Pearl. Nonetheless, Zoey has been another rating boost to the show. One time, she fended off a hoard of perverts off the set. Boy, is she STRONG! She tossed out this fat drunk guy bouncer-style. Anyway, according to anonymous sources, she is outrageous.

Production Note: Needs to be filmed in bikini.

People whom Zoey has been partnered with in Law Enforcement[edit]

People whom Zoey has fought...and kicked their ass[edit]

  • Barney (karate-kicked out of treehouse)
  • Sanjaya Malakar (slammed WWE-Style with table)
  • Apu (made him eat his own merchandise)
  • Homer Simpson (tripped on shoelaces)
  • Lindsay Lohan (uppercut to the face)
  • Nicole Richie (powerslammed into oak tree)
  • Paris Hilton (distracted with shiny object...then bodyslammed)
  • Bart Simpson (headbutt)
  • Brian Peppers (roundhoused in the crotch, thus rendering him incapable of erection)
  • Kyle Orton (tackled him on the practice field, forcing a fumble)
  • Tourette's Guy (bodyslammed while mowing lawn and exclaiming "BOB SAGET!")
  • Michael Vick (tackled a yard short of the endzone)
  • The Penis Clown (beat in freestyle rap contest, then got nose broke army-style)
  • Michael Jackson (roundhouse to the head)
  • Evil Richard Simmons (knocked out with Matrix-style slow-motion kick)
  • Lara Croft (tackled by feet after being tired out)
  • Angelina Jolie (karate kick to the nose)
  • Bender (torn arm and leg, thus rending him almost immobile)
  • Mr. T ("In Soviet Sinnoh, fool pities YOU !!")
  • Doctor Zoidberg (got claws taped, then headbutted)
  • Milhouse (missed roundhousing Zoey, thus falling out of Bart's treehouse)
  • Hellmo (drop-kicked into swimming pool)
  • Big Bird (chloroformed, then roundhoused)
  • Barney the Pedophile (drop-kicked out of treehouse)
  • Chuck Norris (Well, technically, it was a tie, but we'll put it down, anyway. I mean, BOTH ended up with broken bones and hooked up to an I.V. drip, right?)
  • Foamy (mis-aimed squirrely wrath)
  • Oscar Wilde Virus Mode (disabled server)
  • Corey Taylor (In truth, this one was staged. Zoey was on tour with Stone Sour (Slipknot's lesser yet more talented equivalent) and she just decided to do a stunt.)
  • Drew Pickles (mammoth penis cut off)
  • Adolf Hitler (ripped his mustache off before shooting him right between the eyes with his own Luger)
  • Kenpachi Zaraki (Another tie; the collision of their sheer respective powers caused a massive explosion that knocked them both out. Both of them reportedly had fun, though.)