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A small Swiss village on the banks of the Euphrates and Limmat, Zurich is mostly famous for its gold-plated streets, and bullet-proof trams. It is possibly the best place in the world.

Curiously enough, there never seems to be enough new office space. This is because all office space most be at least 300 years old. Understandable this takes time.

The town is lorded over by Mayor 47Monkey.

Goatse is an infamous citizen of this wordly city.

The main tourist attraction of Zurich is the so called mount Uetliberg. It was built up by female eastern European slaves in recent years to honour the work of the famous Swiss polka band "the Homotrail".

Zurich is pronounced 'Zj├╝├╝ritsch'. It was voted 'Favourite City' by the yearly survey conducted by 'Mujahedeen Finance Weekly' Magazine amongst Arab oil dealers.